Verizon and Amazon reportedly working on their own mobile game streaming services


Two more major tech players, Verizon and Amazon, may be
entering into the already crowded list of companies that plan to
launch mobile game streaming services.
According to The Verge
, Verizon
is already testing its own game streaming service with
a small number of customers. The people who are selected reportedly
get an
NVIDIA Shield Android TV
set-top box for the test, but The
Verge says Verizon plans to eventually expand this streaming
service to Android

The story also includes screenshots from the service, which has
the rather unimaginative name: Verizon Gaming. The images show a
list of impressive PC and console games, but the screenshots are
most likely placeholders. Based on emails sent to testers, it
sounds like Verizon is more concerned with basic game streaming
performance at first with this test. The service is currently is
using Wi-Fi, but it’s more than likely that Verizon will roll out
this service on its wireless network when it gets its 5G
fully up and running. The Verge reports that this
small test version with the Shield TV box will conclude by the end
of January.


Google’s Project Stream beta to end Jan. 15, AMD Radeon GPUs
used for gaming service

AMD Google launched a public best test of Project Stream, its
PC game streaming service, back in October 2018. It allowed people
to stream and play the full version of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed
Odyssey …

The Information reports
 Amazon is also working on its own game
streaming service. There’s not much information on this service
in the report, other than Amazon has reached out to game publishers
to see if they would be interested in offering their titles for
this venture. Amazon is certainly well positioned to launch such a
project, as its cloud-based Amazon Web Services already has a ton
of experience streaming content for companies like Netflix. It also
owns Twitch, the gamer-centric live video streaming service. The
report does say Amazon is not looking to launch its game streaming
service until 2020 at the earliest.

Verizon and Amazon will be entering a field that is full of
competitors who have already revealed their plans for streaming
games with cloud-based set-ups. Both
Microsoft and EA announced at E3 2018
that they have separate
plans to stream games to smartphones. Microsoft later revealed that
its service, with its
codename Project xCloud
, would begin
public trials sometime in 2019

In October, Google announced and launched a public test of
, which allowed people to stream and play the full
version of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on a PC, Mac,
Linux, and even a low-end Chromebook via the Chrome browser. That
tech test is
scheduled to end on January 15
. So far, Google has not yet
revealed what it plans to do with Project Stream.

Of course, Sony already has its own game streaming service,

PlayStation Now
, which allows PlayStation 4 and Windows PC
owners to stream and play hundreds of classic and current PS4 games
for a monthly fee. Sony has never revealed how many subscribers it
has for PlayStation Now. NVIDIA also
has its GeForce Now service
, which lets people purchase PC
games on Steam and other services, and then lets them play those
games remotely on their PC, Mac and their Shield TV box. That
service is still in a closed beta test.

Source: FS – Android
Verizon and Amazon reportedly working on their own mobile game streaming services