These are the best cases available for the Huawei Mate 30

Protecting the Huawei Mate 30 is a smart idea because it’s an
expensive flagship made of all glass with a curved screen. If you
own one, or are planning to pick up a Mate 30, you’ll definitely
want to do yourself a favor and get one of these cases.

Thin and sleek Anccer Colorful Series

Staff Pick

Minimalist cases like this style from Anccer are great for those
concerned about a case adding too much extra bulk to their phone.
This ultra-thin fit case offers sleek protection around the screen
and camera lenses and is available in four color styles.

$13 at Amazon

Built-in style ring Alapmk Kickstand Case

There’s nothing better than a phone accessory with an extra
accessory or two built right in. This protective case includes a
rotating ring kickstand that can be used to prop up your phone, and
there’s also a metal plate to use with magnetic car mounts.

$11 at Amazon

Carbon fiber style LiXiongBao Carbon FIber case

This single-layer case is made of TPU and features carbon fiber
accents at the top and bottom for the sake of fashion and grip.
Other brands typically offer this style, but right now this is your
best value if you want it.

$7 at Amazon

Colorful bumpers DAMONDY Bumper Clear Case

This ultra-slim case combines a rigid and clear polycarbonate
backplate that offers great protection along with a soft and
shock-absorbing bumper. It’s a case style that lets your phone
shine through while still keeping the screen and edges well

$9 at Amazon

Heavy duty protection Beotvk Dual Rugged Case

This is the case to get if you know you need rugged protection.
It’s a dual-layer case which means it combines a shock-absorbing
TPU sleeve with a rigid backplate that offers support and also adds
a splash of color and topped up with some carbon fiber accents.

$15 at Amazon

Carry it all in one place EasyLifeGo Hybrid Heavy Duty Armor and
Screen Protector

EasyLifeGo really seems to live up to its brand name with a
heavy-duty case offering that includes two tempered glass screen
protectors. Not only that, but there’s also a kickstand ring built
into the back with a metal plate that can also be used with
magnetic dash mounts.

$9 at Amazon

The case cracks so your phone won’t ESR Gear Tempered Glass Case

Using a thin rubber case on an all-glass phone can still allow
the back to get smashed up after a nasty drop. ESR Gear offers this
case that features a thick rubber bumper and a sheet of tempered
glass on the back that’s designed to take the brunt of any deadly
drops so your phone stay’s in one piece while preserving that
smooth glass feel of the Mate 30.

$19 at ESRGear

All the way clear Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case

Olixar offers a couple of cases for the Mate 30. The first is
this sleek and thin clear case that protects without adding much
else to the look or feel of the phone. It’s a minimalist option
that still features a raised bezel around the screen.

$9 at Olixar

Carry it all in one place Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case

A folio-style wallet case protects especially well because it
covers the entire screen when the front cover is closed, but the
best reason to get a wallet case is how it cuts down your pocket
carry. This case includes two card slots for credit cards and

$13 at Olixar

Protect your best Mate

The Huawei Mate 30 is an intriguing phone because of its design
and specs, and a discouraging product because of the lack of
availability and the workarounds required to add Google Play apps
and services. Still, if you own this phone you absolutely need to
keep it safe with a case. However, likely due to its limited
availability, there’s also not a ton of case options out there for
the Mate 30 compared to the P30 or other comparable flagships.
Still, we’ve rounded up the best options that offer a good variety
of styles to choose from.

Our top pick is the Anccer Colorful Series because
it’s a great minimalist case that precisely protects the back of
the phone with a slightly raised around the screen. It doesn’t
offer the most rugged protection, though, and for that, you may
actually want to go with the Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case because
it’s both functional as a protective case and also doubles as a
wallet for your most essential cards.

Source: FS – Android
These are the best cases available for the Huawei Mate 30