The Vilta SE gimbal is an affordable way to capture better videos on your phone

As much as we’ve seen camera quality improve on phones over
the last few years, they can’t quite replace a DSLR camera. At
least not yet.

There’s something to be said about having dedicated gear and
tools. The problem for many people is that making the jump to an
expensive camera is just that, costly.

One way to increase the quality of your videos is to employ the
use of a gimbal. This accessory alone can lead to
smoother and more focused shots
as it takes all of the jitters
and jerkiness out of your clips.

While optical image stabilization and video stabilization is
nice in a phone, its nice to rely on hardware instead of software.
It’s possible to
get these things without going broke
in the process.

That’s where the Vilta SE comes in, with its core stability
algorithm technology which results in shots with all the sweep and
fluidity of professional production.

Vilta SE

  • Instantly switch between landscape & portrait modes on your
  • Get precise adjustments w/ the manual focus wheel
  • Easily stow & transport thanks to the magnetic self-locking
  • Expand your potential w/ the companion app’s features, like
    slow motion and POV mode
  • Pan up to 320° with 160° tilt & 155° roll motion
  • Use for up to 17-hours on a single charge

The stabilization alone makes the Vilta SE worth the money, but
comes with other great features, too
. The zoom-focus wheel, for
instance, lets you easily adjust focus, tighten,  or widen out
with a quick dial.

A button press is all that stands between you and toggling
landscape and portrait modes. The accompanying Vilta app expands
your video palette with slow motion, time lapse, panoramic, and POV

The whole thing is super compact and lightweight, making it a
perfect travel accessory. You can try out the Vilta SE now
for just $99
— or step up to FreeVision’s larger gimbal,
Vilta M at just $129

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The Vilta SE gimbal is an affordable way to capture better videos on your phone