The LG G5 and V20 may have reached the end of their security updates

If you own an LG G5
or the more recent LG
, you may want to consider getting a new phone soon. A
report from
XDA Developers
) points out that both devices are no longer listed
on the LG Security
Bulletin website
. If this is correct, and not merely a mistake
on LG’s part, that means the G5 and V20 won’t be getting any
more software support.

It’s especially troubling for the LG V20, which was the first
phone that was released with Android
7.0 Nougat
installed and working out of the box in September
2016. LG promised that the phone would get at least two years of
software updates. Some people might have bought the phone thinking
they would get at least two “letter” Android firmware updates
during that time frame, believing that the V20 was supposed to get
9 Pie
. However, it looks like that is not going to happen after

The LG G5 was the company’s risky, and ultimately failed,
attempt to change the smartphone business with its modular device
support. The accessories, which LG called “Friends,” connected
to the bottom of the phone’s casing. These included the LG Cam
Plus, which added more physical controls for the phone’s camera,
and the LG Hi-Fi Plus, which offered improved audio for headphone

The LG V20 got solid reviews when it was released, thanks in
part to its early support of Nougat. It was also a fan-favorite for
features like its excellent audio hardware and its second 2.1-inch
screen on top of the display that showed things like app shortcuts,
favorite contacts, calendar reminders, and more.

Source: FS – Android
The LG G5 and V20 may have reached the end of their security updates