The king of tablets, the Apple iPad, can be yours for only $249 on Cyber Monday

We’re huge Android fans, or else we wouldn’t be here. We
prefer Android over iOS and Android phones over iPhones. Whether
it’s the software flexibility, choice of hardware, or ease of
modification, Android is our number one.

But it’s hard to deny Apple’s domination of the tablet
market. Google gave tablets their best shot, and many manufacturers
put a lot of energy behind them. However, the Android tablet market
is now nearly dead with only a few manufacturers making anything at
all. And iPads are just getting better and better, especially with
the latest iPadOS update that finally brings some Android features
that were missing for far too long.

So if you’re an Android die hard but are looking to get a
fantastic tablet, maybe it’s time to pick up an iPad. The latest
2019 iPad model is now on sale for Cyber Monday at 24% off. This is
with a paltry 32GB of storage, but if you’re not planning any
heavy gaming on it, the rest of the specs are high end and should
Pick yours up for just $249
! And if you’d really prefer to
stay on the Android train,
the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is on sale right now for just


it on Amazon

Source: FS – Phones
The king of tablets, the Apple iPad, can be yours for only 9 on Cyber Monday