The accessories you need for your DJI Osmo Pocket

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a game-changing product for on-the-go
photographers and videographers by putting a 3-axis gimbal quite
literally in your pocket. However, to get the most from the Osmo
Pocket, you’re going to want some great accessories.

Attach everything DJI Accessory Mount

The Accessory Mount is essential to attach your Osmo Pocket to a
tripod or a host of other accessories. It clips around the body and
has a standard GoPro-style mount on the rear so you can connect all
your favorite accessories.

$19 at DJI

Better looking video Freewell ND Filters

These magnetic filters clip over the lens on the Osmo Pocket and
will give your footage a whole new look. This all-day pack has
eight filters, some with polarizers, to ensure great video in all
daylight conditions.

$130 at Amazon

Better support PGYTECH phone bracket

This neat little bracket allows you to use the Osmo Pocket with
your smartphone attached without putting any strain on your phone’s
charging port. It’s also a great way to add a tripod and an
external microphone.

$26 at Amazon

Max protection Anbee portable hard case

For a little added protection, this affordable case has a foam
insert with precise cutouts for the Osmo Pocket, your cables, and
the DJI case, as well as a large zipped pocket. It’s water
resistant and tough enough to absorb the knocks so your Osmo Pocket
doesn’t have to.

$10 at Amazon

Gimbal locked PGYTECH gimbal protector

The 3-axis gimbal is what makes the Osmo Pocket so special, and
it’s not something you want to damage. This simple plastic hood
locks it in place when you’re not using it, preventing any
accidental contact as well as protecting the lens.

$9 at Amazon

Scratch proof SunnyLIFE screen protector

To keep the display on the Osmo Pocket looking its best, you’ll
want to invest in a screen protector. This pack contains glass
protectors for the camera lens and the screen and will keep it
scratch free without impeding its touch sensitivity.

$9 at Amazon

Wire free DJI Wireless Module

There’s no wireless connectivity built into the Osmo Pocket, so
to operate it remotely from your phone or tablet you need the
Wireless Module from DJI. It adds Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, allows you
to charge the Osmo Pocket, and acts as a sturdy base.

$59 at DJI

One handed DJI Controller Wheel

Making fine adjustments on the small touchscreen on the Osmo
Pocket is pretty tough. The additional controller wheel provides
precise pan and tilt control for the gimbal as well as one-handed
quick changing between modes.

$59 at DJI

Fast storage Sandisk Extreme 64GB micro SD card

A good micro SD card is essential for the Osmo Pocket if you’re
going to be shooting 4K video. This one from Sandisk has a fast
write speed and plenty of storage at an affordable price. It also
comes with an SD adapter to use with your PC or Mac.

$21 at Amazon

The Osmo Pocket already has a wealth of great accessories
available. Some, like a great micro SD card are staples of using any camera,
but to really take your experience up a notch you’ll want to be
able to add all kinds of accessories, and the DJI Accessory Mount gives you that freedom.

Source: FS – Android
The accessories you need for your DJI Osmo Pocket