Testing shows Stadia on non-Pixel devices may be right around the corner

When Google first launched Stadia, the game streaming service
was initially only available for Pixel handsets. If you don’t
own a Pixel smartphone but would love to try out Stadia for
yourself and see what all the fuss is about, you could be in luck
because according to reports, Google is testing Stadia on non-Pixel
Android devices.

According to the reports, some non-Pixel owners are reporting
that they are seeing “This screen” appear as an option when
they launch the Stadia app. Prior to that, users of non-Pixel
phones would see a “Choose where to play” option that meant
that they had to use a Chromecast Ultra or a computer.

Now that they are seeing “This screen”, it looks like these
users are able to play Stadia on their non-Pixel smartphones. Oddly
enough, it doesn’t seem to be permanent. Users are reporting that
once their session ends, the option for “This screen”
disappears and they can’t get it back again.

It is quite possibly a test by Google to see how Stadia handles
on non-Pixel smartphones. Given the sheer variety of Android
devices out there with all kinds of hardware and software
configurations, it’s not surprising that Google is running some
tests to ensure that when they do make it available, there will be
minimal issues with the service.

There is currently no word on when Stadia will make its way to
non-Pixel devices but this test suggests that it could be soon.

Source: 9to5Google

Source: FS – Phones
Testing shows Stadia on non-Pixel devices may be right around the corner