Step up your Excel game in 2019 with this $40 ‘Bootcamp Bundle’

Let’s say you’re someone who’s been wanting to get some
certification to launch a career or to enhance the one you already
have. Perhaps you’re an IT graduate who feels as though a little
certification could improve your chances for that first big job
interview. Maybe you’re looking to polish things up before asking
the boss for a raise.

It’s 2019 and that means you don’t have to go back to school
and pay thousands of dollars per semester for an education. No,
today we get to take things into our own hands and move at our own

If you’re looking to get serious about certification or
expanding your horizons, look no further than The 2019 Microsoft
Excel Bootcamp Bundle.


The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle includes
five courses and more than 78 hours of instruction
in how to
improve your knowledge and skills by way of Microsoft Excel.
What’s more, there’s certification at the end so you can show
off your expertise or use it as a bargaining chip with

First, you’ll start with learning
how to use Excel to solve complex problems
, automate
spreadsheets, and master graphs for presentations. Lifetime
training is yours for pennies on the dollar., automate
spreadsheets, and master graphs. After that you’ll be on to
macros, functions, PivotTables & PowerPivots.

The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle comes with lifetime
access, so you need not worry about taking advantage of these
courses within a limited time offer. You can buy the software now,
then use it at your own pace or as life affords the

The 2019 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp Bundle is valued at more than
$1,700, but we’re
offering it to our readers for just $39
(96% off). It’s
literally pennies on the dollar. It’s 50 cents per hour of
training. It’s a tiny little investment in yourself and your
future. It’s… well you get what we’re saying.

this incredible offer won’t last forever

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Step up your Excel game in 2019 with this ‘Bootcamp Bundle’