Speed test shows AT&T’s 5G network can be absurdly fast

Despite 2019 being the year of 5G, things haven’t gotten off
to a great start. AT&T has launched its
5G+ service in a handful of markets
towards the end of
December, but initial speed tests showed that the new network was
marginally faster than the company’s existing 4G network
Marking matters worse for AT&T, the company has decided to

switch the 4G network icon on newer Android and iOS smartphones to
when those devices will never be able to connect to 5G

But there is a bit of good news to share on AT&T’s 5G
efforts. The company has just shared results of a speed test from
its new 5G network with results that would make gigabit fiber
subscribers jealous. The company is currently testing a new
software upgrade for the network has successfully enabled download
speeds reaching 1,537.9 Mbps. The image shared by AT&T
doesn’t show what upload speeds were achieved, but we’d be more
than happy if the upload number was a quarter of that.

This morning, we successfully tested a new software update on
our live commercial 5G+ network which resulted in speeds over 1.5
Gbps.* This test was conducted in the field using a mobile form
factor test device.

AT&T customers currently using the company’s NETGEAR
Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot device won’t be able to take
advantage of these speeds quite yes as AT&T will need to roll
out a software update to its current 5G markets first. The
company hasn’t said how long that will take, but we’re hoping
that the wait isn’t too long. 

If AT&T and other service providers can deliver 1.5 Gbps
download speeds over the air, what price would you be willing to
pay for unlimited 5G service for your home?


Source: FS – Phones
Speed test shows AT&T’s 5G network can be absurdly fast