ShareSave lets you buy Xiaomi’s ecosystem products from China

The Xiaomi logo at MWC 2018.

doesn’t launch all of its products outside China, with the wider
ecosystem of products largely focused on its home market. But the
company has a solution on offer in the new ShareSave platform (h/t:


ShareSave is being positioned as a “cross-border e-commerce
platform” with a community focus, according to a
blog post
by the Chinese manufacturer. 

Xiaomi’s platform offers several discount options, such as
buying with a friend to earn a discount for both parties, up to 100
percent discount when enough people join your drop group, and the
ability to contribute cash to support your favorite products. 
Fortunately, you can reportedly buy products on your own if you
don’t want to pester your loved ones or jump through extra hoops
to save a few cents.

Xiaomi ShareSave
Xiaomi ShareSave

Xiaomi ShareSave

These purchase options mean nothing if the platform has a
lackluster selection of ecosystem products, but it seems like
Xiaomi is off to a solid start. We’ve got Bluetooth keyboards,
intelligent mouse pads, electric toothbrushes, a handheld electric
mop, motion-sensing lights, electric scooters, and a smart hair

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Xiaomi confirmed that products ordered via ShareSave include
after-sales service and delivery to your door. The former is
noteworthy, as support is usually an issue when ordering these
products from unofficial sources. So you should have an easier time
in theory if your ordered product is defective.

The service is currently available in India, but Xiaomi has
confirmed there are plans to expand to other markets at an
unspecified point. You can download the app via the button below,
although early reviews have noted the sheer number of permissions
required by it. These permissions include accessing your contacts
list (obviously), reading your storage, accessing the camera, and
pairing with Bluetooth devices. 

Source: FS – Android
ShareSave lets you buy Xiaomi’s ecosystem products from China