Save 33% on a year of Disney Plus thanks to this Cyber Monday deal

If you aren’t one of the millions of people who already signed up for Disney Plus, you
may actually be excited that you waited. The streaming media
service has proven to be wildly popular so far, and ahead of the
official launch Disney offered a few discounts, but nothing since
the service actually launched. Cyber Monday changes that, and brings the first major
discount (bundle pricing aside) to the service. For a limited time
only, you can sign up and prepay for one year
and get it for just $59.99.

Disney Plus Annual Subscription

$59.99 at Disney Plus

You could pay for the service monthly, which would cost you $84
a year, or pay $60 today to get access for a full year. The choice
seems simple!

Disney has a few different pricing options that are
offered for the service, with the basic one starting at $6.99 a
month. If you were to sign up now to pay monthly, it would cost you
just under $84 for the year. If you opted to prepay for the year,
Disney drops the pricing down to $69.99, but for Cyber Monday you
save an extra $10 on top of the $14 discount that the company
offers annual subscribers. You can also sign up for Disney Plus,
ESPN+, and Hulu for $12.99 a month. You won’t get the 7-day free
trial with this offer, but trust us when we say you’ll love the
service and want to keep it around anyway.

With other subscription services raising costs ahead of the
holidays, it’s pretty awesome to see Disney come out with a
discount for those looking to give Disney Plus a try. This
discount, however, is only good for your first year of Disney Plus,
which means if you prepaid for other offers in the past, you can’t
stack the subscriptions. After your first year concludes, your
subscription will renew at the regular $69.99 annual price.

This offer isn’t sticking around for long, either. You only have
until 2:59am ET on Tuesday, December 3 to sign up for Disney Plus
at this discounted price for the first year. Be sure to get in on
this offer now, and tell your friends so that they don’t miss out!
Looking for more discounted streaming services? You can also sign
up for Hulu at just $1.99 a month and lock into that price for a
full year.

Source: FS – Android
Save 33% on a year of Disney Plus thanks to this Cyber Monday deal