Samsung teases the launch of its foldable-display smartphone

Samsung seems to be pretty stoked about its upcoming UNPACKED
event which is scheduled for February 20th. The main attraction of
the event will undoubtedly be the new Samsung Galaxy S10
smartphones, but Samsung wants to remind us that it has a foldable-display
waiting to be unveiled as well. A new teaser for the
yet unnamed device has hit Samsung’s social media channels with
the words “The Future Unfolds.”

We’ll be honest, a foldable-display smartphone from Samsung is
pretty exciting! We’ve seen countless patent applications, design
concepts and plenty of leaks over the past few years. Now that this
new technology is finally here, we’re giddy with excitement. That
being said, the
phone’s expected price point isn’t that appealing
. We
don’t like the idea of spending $1,000 on a smartphone, so a
$1,500+ price point for a foldable-display device isn’t doing it
any favors in our books.

And then there’s the issue of usability and design.
Samsung’s device will be quite large, unfolding into an even
larger tablet-size. We’d rather see manufacturers take design
cues from
Motorola’s foldable display RAZR smartphone parent
and use
this new technology to give us smaller devices rather than larger

The future of mobile will unfold on February
20, 2019.

— Samsung Mobile (@SamsungMobile)
February 11, 2019

Source: FS – Phones
Samsung teases the launch of its foldable-display smartphone