Samsung Galaxy S10 update inadvertently locks some users out of their phones

Updates are usually seen as good things where they bring about
bug fixes, new features, and general improvements. That doesn’t
seem to be the case with a recent update that Samsung has pushed
out for
its Galaxy S10 and S10+ handsets
because according to user
reports, it seems that some users have since been locked out of
their phones following the update.

Usually, during the course of a software update, your phone
reboots itself and after that, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN
to unlock your phone (if you have one set up). What has happened is
that according to some users, after entering their PIN, the screen
turns black for a while before they are prompted to enter their PIN
again. This seems to be happening to users who did not set up a PIN
for their phones to begin with.

It is unclear how widespread this problem is, but a
series of post on Reddit
and the
Samsung forums
have found that there are quite a few users who
are affected by this. We’re not sure what might have triggered
this bug in the first place, but it doesn’t seem to be
carrier-specific as some users who are complaining are on Verizon,
while others are on AT&T, but for now, it seems to be mostly

There is no surefire fix available yet, although some people
have had some luck by booting their smartphones into safe mode. For
those who still can’t get it to work, the only way is to factory
reset your phone, which means that if you haven’t backed up your
data, there is a good chance you’ll lose them.

Samsung has yet to respond to the problem, so until the company
issues a fix for this problem, you might want to hold off from
updating your phone just yet.

Android Authority

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Samsung Galaxy S10 update inadvertently locks some users out of their phones