Samsung Galaxy Fold is a hit in China, sells out in minutes

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was meant to be the promise device where
it would usher in a new era in smartphones and form factors, but
unfortunately, reviews of the handset have been lukewarm at best.
That being said, it has not stopped people from being curious about
the phone all the same.

Over in China, the handset was recently launched and it appears
to have been a hit. According to Samsung, they have confirmed that
they have sold out of their initial stock in a matter of minutes,
while third-party retailer claims that they sold out
of their stock in just two seconds.

Now, we don’t know how many units Samsung had made available
in China, but apparently it is said to be around 20,000 units.
While this pales in comparison to the number of Galaxy S and Note
phones, given its price point (a little over $2,000 after
conversion) and new form factor, we’re actually surprised that it
sold as quickly as it did.

Whether or not customers will be happy with their purchase is a
different story, but for now, it looks like it’s good news for
the company. Samsung is expected to launch
the Galaxy Fold 2 in 2020
where there is a chance it could

end up looking like a foldable clamshell phone


Source: FS – Phones
Samsung Galaxy Fold is a hit in China, sells out in minutes