Report: Samsung and Huawei agree to settle their smartphone patent disputes

Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus back (20 of 60)

and Huawei
have reportedly agreed to finally bury the hatchet and settle their
years-long dispute over smartphone patents. The Guangdong High
People’s Court in southern China mediated the settlement,
according to

The terms of the alleged settlement have not been made public,
but it’s believed that they include some sort of cross-licensing
patent deal. The patents that are part of the supposed deal include
those for basic technologies, with no further specifics

It’s suggested that Samsung and Huawei are only settling now
due to them wanting to pour more resources into the
stagnant smartphone market
. Even though Huawei now owns a
company-record 17 percent of the market, Q1 2019 marked the sixth
straight quarter of declining overall smartphone shipments.
Meanwhile, Samsung saw a 10 percent decrease in market share

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Whatever the reason for a settlement, Samsung and Huawei are
likely happy to be done with patent disputes. The two companies
have been in embroiled in a legal war against each other since
2016, when Huawei filed
several patent infringement lawsuits
against Samsung in the
U.S. and China.

In January 2018, a Chinese court
ruled in favor of Huawei
and ordered Samsung to halt sales of
offending products. By then, Samsung counter-sued
with a patent lawsuit of its own. Huawei responded to
the counter-suit with
lawsuits in two cities
in China.

The tit-for-tat filings escalated very quickly in a matter of
years, but at least it’s seemingly coming to an end.

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Source: FS – Android
Report: Samsung and Huawei agree to settle their smartphone patent disputes