Podcast: OnePlus 7 Pro!


On this episode of the Droid Life
, it’s a show mostly dedicated to the OnePlus 7
Pro. OnePlus’ new top tier phone is official and it’s a good
one. The 7 Pro has almost every single spec you could want, a
beautiful display, fast storage, great software, and a camera that
can finally keep up. We’ve reviewed it already, so let’s dive
into it.

After that, we’ve got thoughts on the Pixel 4, some Pixel 3a
news, and an update on Verizon and Sprint 5G happenings.

Trivia is back again! We’ve got a whole bunch of goodies to
giveaway from our friends at NVIDIA.

We’ll be live at 12:00PM Pacific (3PM Eastern).

Source: FS – Android
Podcast: OnePlus 7 Pro!