‘Lithium’ is a pro 3D film rig for the Red Hydrogen One, because why not

The Red
Hydrogen One
was one of the most highly-anticipated smartphones
of 2018 — and unfortunately
landed as a dud
with bad reviews and underwhelming photography
(which should have been its main appeal).

Now, via
Red’s Facebook page
, we know that not only is the company
standing by the Red Hydrogen One, but it’s also releasing a
sure-to-be-expensive 3D filmmaking rig for the smartphone. The
company refers to the rig as “Lithium,” but it’s not clear if
that will be its official release name.

Using Lithium, filmmakers will be able to film cinema-quality 3D
stereoscopic images while viewing what they create in real-time on
the Hydrogen One. Check out the image of the rig below:

An official image of the Lithium camera for the Red Hydrogen One.Facebook

What you’ll do is film your scene with the Lithium camera
while your Red Hydrogen One smartphone processes the 3D imagery and
displays a rough draft of the scene. Using this method, directors
won’t have to film a scene, convert it to 3D, note any changes,
and then re-film. Instead, they’ll be able to see what it will
look like on the Hydrogen One, make adjustments as necessary, and
then film the scene.

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Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room — the Red
Hydrogen One costs a whopping $1295. This is one of the most
expensive devices in the market, topped only by fancy designer
handsets …

Theoretically, this will dramatically cut down on the time it
takes to shoot a 3D film scene, which is surely a welcome
advancement for filmmakers around the world.

However, there are two major issues. The first is the obvious
problem of the Red Hydrogen One being a big disappointment on
numerous levels, which likely is preventing filmmakers from buying
one in the first place. Additionally, its $1,300 price tag makes it
a sizable investment.

The second issue is that 3D films are not doing so hot right
now. According to Collider, “box
office revenues for 3D films in the U.S. and Canada fell 18% in
2017 to $1.3 billion,” and that decline has continued through

In other words, Red is introducing a 3D filmmaking tool which
attaches to an expensive, poorly-reviewed phone at a time when
people aren’t so interested in 3D films. Nice.

Red didn’t announce a release date or price for the Lithium
camera attachment.

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Source: FS – Android
‘Lithium’ is a pro 3D film rig for the Red Hydrogen One, because why not