Leak reveals what’s changing on the Galaxy Fold after the recall

Despite the Galaxy Fold being an engineering masterpiece, it
suffered an ill fate when a number of
early review units
experienced quality issues and was
subsequently recalled and delayed. Samsung made the right call
while it collated the information from the returned units to make a
call on how to resolve the issues going forward.

Upon receiving the units, Samsung clearly found cause for
concern and delayed the release of the Galaxy Fold
until further notice
. Samsung wasn’t forthcoming with what it
was intending to change but some recent leaks suggest what those
changes could entail.

Some of the failures revolved around either people intentionally
removing a protector layer over the flexible screen or it coming
away of its own accord. Either way, removing the film is fatal to
the display and while Samsung has advised it should not be removed,
the company has clearly realized that’s not enough. The leaks
suggest that Samsung is revising the build process to ensure the
layer cannot be removed by integrating the shield into the body,
which will remove the visible edging of the film that led people to
believe it was a screen protector that could be removed, like what
is found on the Galaxy S10. You can also expect warnings to be
plastered all over the retail box and perhaps even a warning upon
initial boot.

Samsung is also revising the
hinge design
that would help prevent foreign objects from
getting lodged in the mechanism and making their way under the
screen, which was attributable for a couple of the early failure
scenarios. The hinge area is reportedly being reduced, whatever
that means.

Prototypes sporting these improvements are currently being
tested in Korea, which following sufficient quality control should
lead to a release date announcement from Samsung.

Source: Yonhap News
Android Police

Source: FS – Phones
Leak reveals what’s changing on the Galaxy Fold after the recall