Huawei nova 5T first impressions

The Huawei nova 5T isn’t brand new, the phone first hit the
market back in October, but given the state of Huawei in the U.S.
this was our first opportunity to get our hands on the device at
CES. Notably, the nova 5T is grandfathered in thanks to its launch
date in China so its users still get to enjoy Google services.

The nova 5T is positioned as a mid-tier device, the price point
is right around $500, but you won’t find it at any of the usual
suspects like Amazon, which is too bad because this thing packs
quite a bit in for the money.

The processor is a Kirin 980 paired with 6GB of RAM, not a
world-beater, but plenty of power for most users as it is roughly
on par with the popular Snapdragon 855. Internal storage comes in
at the 128GB mark that I consider to be the sweet spot at the

The nova features 3 cameras on the back of the device with a
flash in the standard Huawei vertical alignment at the top left.
The primary rear camera is the familiar 48MP Sony at f/1.8, which
is joined by a 16MP f/2.2 2x telephoto and finally a 2MP f/2.4
macro lens. There is a fourth sensor as well which is a 2MP depth
sensor f/2.4 which is just there to get you that creamy bokeh for
portraits and the like.

Around the front, the nova 5T has an enormous 32MP lens at
f/2.0, which should be enough to satisfy even the most finicky of
selfie-takers. The selfie-camera is the hole punch style located in
the upper-left corner, a somewhat unusual choice as it necessarily
shifts your notifications over, but I’m not particularly fond of
any of the hole punch solutions so I can’t say this a
considerably worse choice than the other options.

The camera app offers the normal extensive array of options that
will be familiar to Huawei fans, if you want to just grab a
snapshot Huawei does fine, but they continue to shine for those
that want to dig into the settings and hone in on the right mode
for every shot.

The hardware feels great, I actually prefer the flat screen to
the waterfall curved display of its higher-end options. I saw two
of the color variants, Crush Blue and Midsummer Purple, both of
which were gorgeous even under the fairly bizarre lighting in the
convention center. I would definitely try to go caseless or clear
case with this device.

Obviously I couldn’t get a feel for battery life in my limited
time with the device, but the 3750 mAh battery paired with the
Kirin 980 should be good for a full day.

Navigating the EMUI 9.1 (based on Android 9) operating system
everything was fluid and apps opened quickly. Again this is one of
the last Huawei devices to enjoy Google services for the time
being, so if that’s important to you this is a fantastic
mid-range option if you can find it available in your area.


Source: FS – Phones
Huawei nova 5T first impressions