HTC pulled apps from the Play Store, but not because the company’s dead

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Over the last week or so, folks noticed that HTC
took down major stock applications like Mail, Contacts, and People
from the Google Play Store. There was a concern that this was the
first step toward HTC’s exit from the Android smartphone

The good news is that HTC simply took down the apps due to a
recent Play Store policy change.

In a statement sent to Android
, HTC said it temporarily removed some of its apps from
the Play Store. The company also said it would re-publish apps over
the coming weeks and continues to review additional apps.

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For example, HTC’s Mail, Sense home launcher, and Re camera
app were re-published on the Play Store within the last week.
According to HTC, the HTC People, Sense Companion, and Restore apps
will be re-published by the end of April.

That doesn’t mean that HTC is entirely in the clear. Even
though the company saw significantly
higher consolidated sales
for March relative to February, the
higher sales were due to its new VR headsets. Revenue is at an
18-year low, with sales for the first three months of 2019 down 66
percent from a year ago.

The re-published HTC apps only confirm that the company still
has a pulse. We are unsure what the future of the company will look

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Source: FS – Android
HTC pulled apps from the Play Store, but not because the company’s dead