Google teases new “Tiles” in Wear OS video

Wear OS isn’t exactly getting the love it deserves from
Google, though the latest interface redesign was a big step in the
right direction. However, the company isn’t done with our
favorite smartwatch operating system, as an even newer interface
update is coming soon.

This update will introduce “Tiles”, which are cards to the
sides of the watchface. You can swipe side to side to see bit of
data like texts, news, weather, flight data, Google Fit, and more.
You can also rearrange these Tiles by holding and dragging, making
your favorites easier to access.

This will replace the current interface, where a swipe left will
reveal Google Fit and a swipe right reveals Assistant. This brings
it more in line with Huawei’s LiteOS on the Watch GT, which
features almost identical data cards accessible by swiping away
from the watch face.

We’ll be getting more details about this new feature at

Google I/O next week
, and it should be rolling out over the
next month. You probably won’t see it for a little while, and we
don’t know what watches it will come to, but we hope to see it on
older models that got the UI redesign last year. Take a look at
this video which showcases the tiles at the end.

Source: Google


Source: FS – Phones
Google teases new “Tiles” in Wear OS video