Google just shared the official design of the Pixel 4

It seems we’ve been treated to new design images of the
Pixel 4 every few days,
but the recent leak of the Pixel 4 which showed a square camera
module on the back of the phone has led Google to post an official
image of the back of the device to the @madebygoogle
Twitter account.

While the image isn’t an exact one-to-one representation of
the most recent leak, the official design of the Pixel 4 isn’t
far off. The image only shows the back of the phone, so Google may
still want to keep the front of the phone under wraps. From what we
can see in the image, the Pixel 4’s square camera module on the
back contains two lenses, the LED flash and what appears to be a
laser and another sensor. As for the sensor resolutions and focal
length of the two camera lenses, we really don’t know much. We
doubt that Google would throw in a ToF or just a basic depth
sensor, but we have no indication whether the second sensor will be
paired with a zoom or ultra-wide angle lens.

There’s no telling why Google decided to share an official
image of the Pixel 4. Leaked design images and videos of previous
Pixel phones have come to light months before the devices were
unveiled and Google didn’t even deem them worthy of a mention.
Some are speculating that Google wants to get the design out in the
public eye before the next iPhone makes an official appearance
since both devices appear to be sharing the same square camera
module design. Google can’t “copy” a design of they’re the
first to claim it as their own.

One other interesting thing to note is that the Pixel 4
doesn’t have a two-tone pack panel – a design feature which has
been around since the original Pixel. The good news is that the
power button on the side of the black Pixel 4 will be white.
We’re assuming that the other color variants of the phone will
include similar color accents to make them stand out as well.

What’s your take on the official Pixel 4 design? Is this an
improvement over the Pixel 3?

Well, since there seems to be some interest,
here you go! Wait ’til you see what it can do.

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle)
June 12, 2019

Source: FS – Phones
Google just shared the official design of the Pixel 4