Google is assembling a ‘gChips’ team to build chips for its Pixel devices

Google appears to be doubling-down on its efforts to manufacture
chips for upcoming Pixel
devices. A recent flurry of hiring activity in Bengaluru, India,
for microchip engineers shows that Google means business.

The company has slowly made movements to bring as much of the
hardware that makes up its Pixel devices in-house, most
significantly with the acquisition of smartphone
engineers from HTC Mobile
. According to Reuters,
Google could be looking to expedite the move to manufacturing its
chips in a bid to further compete with the margins and optimization
enjoyed by Apple and its iPhone. The company has hired no less than
16 veteran engineers and four talent recruiters for an internal
team called “gChips.” The team could grow as large 80 employees
by the end of 2019 if it fills all the vacancies.

If not yet in a position to build its chips, Google is at least
looking to the new gChips team to have the ability to test chip
designs before sending them off for manufacture. Bringing the
control of hardware, and especially the processors, as close to the
source of Android as possible opens up a ton of optimization
avenues for Google. It also allows the company to develop custom
processors for devices like Google Home, Chromecast and Nest

We’ve seen Google dabble in chip creation itself with the

Pixel Visual Core
 that compiles HDR+ images and the Titan M
security chip found in the
Pixel 3
. With Google controlling the software and the hardware
of future Pixel devices, it makes for an exciting future. The
latest Pixel range has one of the
best camera experiences
on Android, achieved with a fraction
of the hardware that other OEM’s are using – imagine what
Google can do having access to the processor architecture too.

Source: Reuters Via:

Android Authority

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Google is assembling a ‘gChips’ team to build chips for its Pixel devices