Get a hold of your phone with PopGrips

For every time you’ve been lying down, reading your phone,
losing your grip, and smacking yourself in the face, you’ll wish
you had a PopGrip. These
brilliantly simple universal accessories add a compact grip to the
back of your phone. Pop it out and your fingers have a firm grip to
stop you from dropping it. When it’s not in use, it collapses flat
against your device so it’s still easily pocketable. Best of all,
it acts as a stand, so you can prop up your phone to a comfortable
viewing angle when watching videos.

While that’s quite useful in and of itself, PopGrips have gone above and
beyond mere utility. With swappable PopTops, you can make a fine
fashion statement too. These PopTops can be a simple design, a
solid color, a specialized material, a logo of your favorite sports
team, even a mirror, or whatever image you want to upload to

PopSockets have expanded to a wider range of accessories, too.
For example, you’ve got their Otterbox partnership. This family of
cases has a PopSocket mount and indentation built in, so it’s
perfectly flush with the case when collapsed. There’s also the
PopWallet+, which lets you stash away up to three credit cards
directly on your phone. They also have a variety of mounts that
PopGrips slide into to use in the car or at home so you can go

PopGrips are a simple, useful addition to any phone, and the
wide range of designs and materials available make it an especially
fashionable one, too.


$14.99 at PopSockets

PopGrips are a fun way to kit out any phone! Pop it out so you
have extra grip on your phone, or as a stand. When you’re done,
collapse it flat against your device.

Source: FS – Android
Get a hold of your phone with PopGrips