Future Android gaming smartphones could come with Google certification

makes a gaming smartphone
? As far as we can tell, for the most
part they are smartphones that pack high-end flagship hardware, and
usually come with software to boost gaming performance, and in some
instances, proprietary cooling systems to ensure the phones do not

That being said, it tends to vary from device to device, and it
looks like Google is trying to create a more uniform experience, or
at least some kind of standard. This is according to XDA Developers
who have obtained documents that suggests that Google could be
planning a set of requirements for manufacturers to adhere to if
they want their devices to be officially certified by Google as a
gaming handset.

Dubbed the Game Device Certification, it lists out certain
minimum hardware requirements that handset makers will need to meet
to be gain certification and be considered “game ready”. For
example, these devices need to ensure that game developers don’t
face unexpected throttling, lost CPU cores, or odd system
behaviors. It will also require devices to support the Vulkan
Graphics API, an allow apps to allocate at least 2.3GB of

Gaming smartphones have been gaining in popularity in recent
years, which is not surprising given how big mobile gaming has
gotten. Google has yet to officially announce its Game Device
Certification program, but we expect that more details about it
should be announced soon.

XDA Developers

Source: FS – Phones
Future Android gaming smartphones could come with Google certification