Exclusive: Mystery Coolpad smartphone revealed, heading to US service provider in coming weeks

Coolpad isn’t a brand that we often cover since the devices
they build typically fall into the “budget” category, but a
trusted source has just shared new details on an upcoming Coolpad
phone which should be interesting for those who don’t like
spending more than $200 on a smartphone.

The leak

Our source has shared that Coolpad has a new smartphone which
will be heading to a US service provider. The details shared reveal
that the phone will be running on Android 9 Pie 6.36-inch display
and a 4,000 mAh battery and a price point below $150. What we
don’t know is which process will be used, how much RAM the phone
will have or what its internal storage capacity will be.

The pictures which were shared with us show that the unnamed
Coolpad smartphone shows a gray device with a glossy back panel and
what appears to be a metal frame along the edges. The back of the
phone also features a fingerprint sensor and a dual-camera with an
LED flash.

To go along with the sub-$150 price point, our source claims
that the device will officially be unveiled within the next few

Our take

Budget smartphones can be hit or miss, but it looks like Coolpad
could be working on a pretty decent smartphone (for the money).
Based on the design and expected price, we suspect the device’s
other spec will match or exceed those of the Coolpad Note 8 which
features a 1080×2160 pixels display, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage
and a MediaTek MTK6750T. 

The other thing to note is that many of Coolpad’s never
smartphones have been shipping with a stripped down version of
Android with very few customizations. There’s no guarantee that
these devices will be getting quick Android updates, but a
barebones version of Android is at least a much better starting

While a new Coolpad smartphone may not be that exciting with the
upcoming OnePlus 7 right around the corner, Coolpad has been
delivering pretty nice phones over the past few years. If you had
less than $150 to spend on a smartphone, would you consider a new
device from Coolpad?

Source: FS – Phones
Exclusive: Mystery Coolpad smartphone revealed, heading to US service provider in coming weeks