Deal: Grab a 400 GB microSD card for just $56

Even though our cell phones are including more and more storage,
there’s never quite enough. Between recording 4k video, saving
RAW picture files, and saving music libraries, you can quickly run
out of the 64 or 128 GB of space that comes standard in most phones

Luckily, a ton of phones still include microSD card slots that
allow users to expand their storage. Phones like the
Galaxy S10
can even support up to 1 TB of external storage!
While those cards are just going on sale now and are prohibitively
expensive, you can get a great deal on a 400 GB card right now for
just $56.

Whether you want a physical backup of your media or you just
want to save your files on a removable card, microSD cards are
perfect. I love them because I change phones often and I don’t
like to move everything through the cloud. Sure, it may be mostly
secure, but you never know, and you’re relying on a data
connection to get your data back. If you just save it on a microSD
card, you have it as soon as you pop it into your new phone. Plus,
people are using phones for longer and longer these days and it’s
helpful to have a ton of storage because we all know how easy it is
to fill up space as time goes on.

Just in time for new phone season, Amazon has an excellent deal
on the SanDisk 400 GB class 10 microSD card. What does class 10
mean, you may be thinking? It refers to the speed at which the card
can read and write data. Class 10 is the highest you can go and it
supports speeds up to 100mb/s for data transfer which means you can
move about 1200 pictures a second. That’s crazy fast.

If that’s not enough to convince you, SanDisk includes a
10-year limited manufacturer warranty because it stands behind its
product. If you want to pick one up for yourself, hit the button
below. They also have 256 GB cards for just $38 and 200 GB cards
for $32.

Get it from Amazon

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Deal: Grab a 400 GB microSD card for just