Chrome for Android beta is latest Google app to receive dark mode of sorts

Google Chrome on the Google Pixel 2 XL.

It took Google
a fairly long time to jump on the dark mode bandwagon, but it seems
to be embracing the feature in the past 12 months. Now it seems
like Google
for Android is the latest first-party app to offer the

According to
, the Chrome 73 beta now offers a dark mode option on
Android. However, the mode only shows up when you visit Android
Pie’s developer options and make sure night mode is
always on.

Dark mode in Chrome for Android.
Dark mode in Chrome for Android.

Furthermore, the dark mode doesn’t apply to every facet of the
web browser. As the outlet’s screenshots show above, the mode
only shows in windows that appear after holding down on an item
(e.g. a link or image). So those hoping for a more comprehensive
dark mode in a browser will need to download the likes of Firefox
for Android, Samsung Internet Browser or Kiwi Browser.

Editor’s Pick
7 best
AMOLED-friendly dark mode apps on Android

AMOLED displays offer a host of advantages over LCD screens,
but the biggest advantage has to be the deeper, richer blacks. This
advantage also extends to apps with a dark mode, as we see some

Google has also been
a dark mode in a beta version of the Google Assistant
for Android but, much like Chrome 73, it’s far from
comprehensive. Nevertheless, between dark mode plans in Android
 and proper support in several first-party apps, it looks
like Google is finally embracing the eye-friendly trend.

But Google isn’t offering an OLED-friendly black mode for its
various apps. This mode uses a proper black hue instead of dark
grey seen in most of Google’s apps, enabling better power savings
on OLED screens. Hopefully we see this option come to Google apps
when Android Q is pushed out of the door.

What are your favorite dark mode apps? Let us know via the
comments section!

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Chrome for Android beta is latest Google app to receive dark mode of sorts