Buy a cheap Chromebook, not a crappy Android tablet, this Cyber Monday!

While there are a decent few cheap Android tablets worth buying, if
you’re after a good all-round lapable device this Cyber Monday, you’re better off checking out some Chromebook

With Android app support having arrived on many Chrome OS
devices, and a vastly superior web experience on a device that’s
actually built from the ground up for browsing, the vast majority
of would-be Android tablet buyers would likely be happier with a
cheap Chromebook. After all, even Google isn’t making Android
tablets anymore.

Especially at the low end, you’re likely to find a better user
experience with longer-term support in the Chromebook world
compared to bargain-bin Android slates.

Amazon’s Cyber Monday are still live, offering up to 43% off on
Chromebooks from big names like HP, Acer, ASUS and Samsung.

The cheapest of the bunch is the Intel Celeron-powered Acer Chromebook 11, yours for
$125, a pretty generous 43% discount. We’ve covered a few Android
tablets at price points like that over the years, and it hasn’t
been pretty. By contrast, the Chromebook 11 comes with the recommendation of our own Jerry

At the other end of the spectrum, ASUS’s higer-end Chromebook Flip C434 is on sale
for 18% off, and boasts a screen that can be folded fully flat for
tablet use, as well as software support until 2024. If that’s too
rich for your blood, Acer’s lean-and-mean Chromebook Spin 11 comes with a
similarly flippable display and a smaller form factor for $300, 25%
off the standard price.

All six offers are good until midnight PST Tuesday, meaning
they’ll turn back into a pumpkin (the deals, that is, not the
products themselves), once Cyber Monday is over.

It’s definitely worth checking out the full range of deals while
you still can.

Source: FS – Android
Buy a cheap Chromebook, not a crappy Android tablet, this Cyber Monday!