Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for 2019

Yes, Father’s Day is coming up pretty quickly and there’s
really not much time left to shop. The good news is that Amazon,
Best Buy and other online stores offer free 2-day shipping, so you
can still purchase your dad a great present and have it delivered
to his house just in time.

If you’re not sure what to get him, we’ve gone through a
handful of categories and pulled out our favorite devices. There
are some expensive items on the list if you’re feeling generous,
but we also have quite a few options which are cheap and won’t
break the bank. Take a look at the list below if you need some
inspiration for your Father’s Day present this year.


If your dad’s been lugging around the same smartphone for more
than two years, it’s definitely time for an update. While there
are quite a few flagship smartphones that will set you back $1,000
or more, you actually can get some incredible devices for much less
which offer class-leading cameras and performance.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e
    Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy S10 lineup is
    incredible, but can be a bit pricey for the larger model. The 10e
    is the cheapest option and actually our favorite of the three since
    it offers 95% of the specs the other phones have without being too
    big or costing $1,000.
  • Google Pixel 3a
    If image quality is a priority over all else,
    the Pixel 3a is the way
    to go. It packs in the award-winning camera of the Pixel 3 inside a
    phone that costs half of the original.
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
    Sometimes only the most powerful device on the
    market is the only way to go. The OnePlus 7 Pro ticks all the right
    boxes while offering an incredible edge-to-edge display with a 90Hz
    refresh rate.

Laptop or tablet

We all love our smartphones, but sometimes we need a bigger
device to get work done or simply to sit back and enjoy a movie or
TV show. The devices below range from Android and Chrome tablets
which offer incredible flexibility to Windows-powered laptops for
those who need something powerful enough to game and get work

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
    10.1 ($229)
    an incredible Android tablet with a large
    screen, Dolby Atmos speakers and battery life which will last for
  • Pixel Slate
    the perfect device if most of your
    “computer” work in a browser. The device is technically a
    tablet but can easily be used as a laptop if you purchase the
    optional keyboard. Google’s ChromeOS is fast, simple and
    incredibly versatile while delivering the true web experience most
    people want on a mobile device.
  • Huawei MateBook X Pro
    if you need a full laptop with enough horsepower
    for gaming or video editing, this device is perfect for you. It
    offers a spectacular 3K touch display, one of the best laptop
    keyboards on the market and enough battery power to get you through
    a full work day without needing to lug around the power cable.

Smart speakers

  • Google Home ($79.99)
    The Google Assistant is
    incredibly powerful, allowing you to play your music and control
    your smart lights, set the temp on your Nest thermostat and whole
    lot more by simply saying “Hey, Google” and asking for what you
    want it to do.
  • Amazon Echo 2nd Gen
    Those who’d rather stay away from the
    Google Assistant are best served by the Amazon Echo which features
    Alexa integration. You’ll be able to ask Alexa pretty much
    everything while also controlling your smart home devices with
    simple voice commands.
  • Sonos Beam
    If you’re looking for more versatility and
    better audio, the Sonos Beam soundbar is the way to go. Since
    it’s built to be paired with your TV and music system, it
    delivers incredibly rich audio for an immersive movie and music
    experience while also featuring support for Alexa of Google

Smartwatch/fitness tracker

If your dad doesn’t already own a smartwatch of fitness
tracker, picking one up for Father’s Day is a no-brainer. That
being said, there are a lot of options in this category. A fitness
tracker is perfect for someone who is interested in getting into
shape or simply wants to be a bit more active while a smartwatch is
better for someone who’s may be interested in replacing their
current watch with something that will help them achieve their
fitness goals while also having additional functionality like
Google Pay integration, notifications and more.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch
    Active ($195.99)
    This is by far the sleekest
    smartwatch we’ve seen in years, offering an incredibly slim body,
    rounded glass and enough smarts to make your smartphone
    TicWatch Pro
    : Probably the most powerful smartwatch
    currently out there, the TicWatch Pro offers built-in GPS tracking,
    a second display to reduce power consumption and a metal frame that
    can withstand the most rugged environments.
  • Huawei Watch GT
    : If battery life is the biggest priority for
    you, the Watch GT is the way to go since it will last you up to a
    full month on a single charge while delivering notifications and
    tracking your workouts.

Bluetooth headphones

A nice pair of Bluetooth headphones is a great gift for anyone
who enjoys listening to music or podcasts. If your father works in
a loud office or takes public transit on a regular basis, picking
up a pair with active noise cancellation can make the work day that
much more enjoyable.

  • Sony WH1000XM3
    Currently, Sony is leading the charge,
    delivering the world’s best noise cancellation headphones.
    They’re unbelievably comfortable, last more than 25 hours on a
    single charge and offer class-leading active noise
  • JBL Lifestyle E65BTNC
    Active noise cancellation headphones
    don’t need to be expensive to be good. JBL’s lineup offers
    great sound and noise reduction while keeping the budget in
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds
    sometimes going with something a bit more
    discrete is in order. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are
    small, lightweight and are practically invisible when in your

Smart TV

Buying a TV for your dad may seem a bit excessive, but priced on
4K smart TV’s have dropped so much that many of them are now
cheaper than buying a smartphone or a tablet. If you do have a TV
already buy you just need to make it a bit smarter, there are
options for that as well.

  • Chromecast Ultra ($69.99)
    No, this isn’t a TV, but
    it will turn your current TV into a smart TV. The device simply
    plugs into an HDMI port and then allows you to instantly watch
    Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube an much more on your large screen.
  • Hisense 50-inch H8F
    ULED 4K TV ($399.99)
    This new TV packs in 4K ULED
    technology, a 50-inch panel, Android TV and a sleek design for a
    penny shy of $400. Need we say more?

Source: FS – Phones
Best Father’s Day Tech Gifts for 2019