Android 10 adds support for the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller

For a while now, Google has supported various console
controllers with Android devices, like the Xbox controller and the
PS4’s DualShock controller. Missing from that list is the
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but the good news is that if
you’re running an Android 10 device, it looks like support for
the controller has finally been added.

This was initially discovered by XDA Developers who found that
Android 10 now officially supports the Pro Controller. It should be
noted that the Pro Controller actually worked with Android devices
prior to the Android 10 update, but it was kind of limited in
nature where gamers couldn’t really map the buttons out

Gamers would also run into issues where games might not
necessarily recognize the controller and the button presses, or it
could result in wrong actions. With Android 10, it seems that users
will finally be able to have more control over the Pro Controller.
So, if you have the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller and want to
use it with your Android device, as long as you have Android 10
installed you should be good to go.

To pair your Pro Controller to your Android device, just press
the pair button located on the back of the controller (located next
to the USB-C port), go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and
you should see the controller available for selection from the

XDA Developers

Source: FS – Phones
Android 10 adds support for the Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller