Amazon’s acquisition of Eero is great news for Google WiFi fans

It’s no secret that Amazon and Google have been battling
things out for dominance over the smart home market. Both companies
have their own AI-powered personal assistants in homes across the
globe and are working closely with manufacturers to ensure
their new smart home products can integrate seamlessly with Alexa
and Google Assistant. While Google’s Nest has created a nice
portfolio of products, Amazon has been busy buying up other
companies left and right to ensure that it can better compete and
its newest acquisition might finally breathe new life into Google

Amazon announced today that it is purchasing Eero for an
undisclosed sum. If you’re not familiar with Eero, the company
was one of the first to create a simple mesh network product for
the general public, allowing them to easily install and run a
single WiFI network from the main route with multiple repeaters
within minutes of taking the products out of the box. Eero was
likely the product which inspired the creation of Google WiFi.

On the surface, Eero and Google WiFi are pretty similar, but
Amazon’s Alexa already has a few Eero-specific skills which
allow users to turn off WiFi access to certain devices, find your
smartphone and even control the night lights which are built into
the Eero repeaters with voice controls. In comparison, Google WiFi
seems a bit dumb with no integration with the Google Assistant or
any other Google Home products.

Amazon isn’t saying what is plans to do with Eero, but we’re
sure they have something up their sleeve. The good news is that
Google may finally bring some new innovations to Google WiFi in
order to remain competitive. On its own, Google WiFi was a cheaper
option when compared to Eero, but that was its only saving grace.
Adding integration with Google Assistant should be simple enough,
but we think Google could easily take things to a whole new level
with a new version of Google WiFi which would actually make it a
must-have product for every home.


Source: FS – Phones
Amazon’s acquisition of Eero is great news for Google WiFi fans