Alto’s Odyssey meets wacky farming sim in Noodlecake’s Farm Punks (Pre-register now!)

Noodlecake Studios, the publisher behind the Android release of
last year’s hit sequel Alto’s
, may have yet another winner on its hands with Farm
Punks. You’re still trying to make it as far as possible down a
mountain, but this time you play as a fruit.

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Developed by Sleeping Giant, Farm Punks has you plucking a fruit
from a tree, then shooting it out of a cannon in the direction of
the nearest fruit stand down the mountain. The further down the
mountain your little apple, pear, or pineapple travels, the higher
the price it fetches at market.

It’s a strange premise, but it works. You control your
tumbling produce by swiping left, right, or straight, and can jump
by pressing and holding down. The more air time you get the further
you can roll before being turned into mulch. There are boosts, jump
pads, and even wacky vehicles you can ride to gain a few precious

Farm Punks pineapple parasol

The fruit itself grows on trees (no surprise there), but each
one has a quirky styling. For example, the Granny Smiths look like
little old ladies, and McIntosh apples look like bulky old
Macintosh computers. There’s a lot of character packed into Farm
Punks with more than 80 types of playable fruit, but it’s
packaged in a mobile friendly way. Each round can be completed in
just a few minutes.

Farm Punks is free to play, and features a premium currency
system that allows you to speed up the progression of your orchard,
although it’s not really needed to play the game. If you really
want to support the developer however, pick up the Starter Pack. It
runs just $2, and permanently unlocks a Golden Retriever that
fetches rewards over time, on top of a small amount of in-game

If you live in one of the soft launch regions (Canada, New
Zealand, Ireland, and the Philippines), you can pick up Farm Punks
right away from the Google Play Store by clicking below. The rest
of you can pre-register now to get a notification when the title
launches in a few weeks time.

Source: FS – Android
Alto’s Odyssey meets wacky farming sim in Noodlecake’s Farm Punks (Pre-register now!)